Used Shipping Containers For Sale in New York

If you are looking for a brilliant solution for your storage, exportation, and work-related needs of yours, you are on the right page! As CMG, we offer budget-friendly and well-maintained used shipping container options in which our customers can find the ideal one that will perfectly fit their used shipping container conversion project.

People show interest in used shipping container projects for different reasons. These containers are affordable, sturdy, easy to maintain and -convert, flexible, functional, eco-friendly, and so on. When all these advantages are considered, why used shipping containers are that much demanded becomes more understandable. These huge, durable metal boxes can be turned into storage areas for personal or work-related use, pop-up shops, etc. Accordingly, you can bring your creativity and these containers’ flexibility together and have an excellent solution to your need for extra space without exceeding your budget and exploiting your time and energy throughout the process. All you should do is to think twice about your project and determine your needs. First of all, you should pick the right size of shipping container suitable for your project. Shipping container sizes are as follows:

  • 8’ Shipping Containers: These containers are not standard-size containers. Rather, they are custom-size containers to be produced to satisfy customer needs for minimal storage area. They are small enough to fit your backyard or garden.
  • 20’ Shipping Containers: These are industry-standard storage containers ideal for easy loading and transportation.
  • 40’ Shipping Containers: These containers are preferable for the need for a larger space, providing enough space suitable for various projects.
  • 45’ HC Shipping Containers: These containers are 1′ taller than standard height containers, which is 9’6″ tall. 45’ HC Shipping Containers are designed to carry taller cargo.


As CMG, we provide used shipping containers of all these sizes to our customers. You can also find flat rack and insulated shipping containers. Flat rack shipping containers only have walls on the ends, making cargo loading possible from the top and sides of the container. Accordingly, they provide easy cargo loading. CMG offers flat rack used shipping containers for sale in both 20’ and 40’. On the other hand, insulated shipping containers are manufactured to carry temperature-sensitive products like meat, ice cream, fish, vaccines, etc. You can find 20’ and 40’ insulated, used shipping containers for sale at CMG.

If you are looking for a used shipping container for sale in New York, NY, you are in the right place! CMG offers well-maintained and durable containers to its customers to ensure that they realize their shipping container projects in the best ways possible. As CMG, we have been proudly carrying our responsibility toward customers for almost 20 years. We owe our success in the industry to this approach. Besides providing used shipping containers structurally in good conditions, we also offer our expertise and customer-oriented services. Hence, we offer contentment to our customers by ensuring that we can provide the best-used shipping containers that perfectly meet their expectations.

We would be more than happy to serve our customers searching for shipping containers in New York. Contact us so that we can help you through finding the ideal used container for your dream project.

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