Standard Package V2

One Bedroom Shipping Container House
1 Bathroom  1 Kitchen  320 sq ft Living Area 

Looking for an affordable and sustainable living space solution? Try small container homes! Also known as conex cabin or off-grid container home, small container homes offer budget friendly, customizable home alternatives.

If you are looking for unique, speedy and environmentally conscious solutions for your living space needs, take a closer look at container box homes. Made from 40ft new shipping containers, single container homes offer numerous benefits: They are easy to install, they cost only a fraction of brick homes, they offer unlimited customization options, and they are very sustainable. Domestic costs like heating associated with one-bedroom shipping container houses are extremely low. Moreover, one-bedroom container homes are exceptionally durable: They can withstand harsh environmental conditions and maintain their structural integrity for a very long time. Single container homes can be used as off-grid container homes, beach container homes, container guest houses and much more. With various customizations like polyethylene dry walls or high-end vinyl flooring, you can turn your shipping container home into a lavish guest house, a comfortable in-laws’ suite, a fancy granny cabin, a cozy beach house escape, a unique bungalow for weekends or a practical dorm.

If you are interested in shipping container tiny homes, you can take a look at our sample photographs and videos. If you would like to get a quote, fill out the form below.

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