Shipping Container Homes for Sale in Tampa

The cost of housing expenses has been steadily rising for years now. That is why many families from all across the United States have been searching for alternative solutions. If you feel like you are crippled by the mortgage, rent, utilities and similar housing expenses, take a closer look at our unique and affordable shipping container homes!

Shipping container homes are, as their name suggests, made of used shipping containers. As CMG Containers, we buy used shipping containers in good condition and fix small dentures, scratches and similar issues. Then we carefully test the containers for durability and structural integrity. After making sure that the used containers we acquired are in good condition and can withstand severe environmental conditions, we repurpose them into cosy, comfortable homes.

Shipping container homes offer many advantages including but not limited to versatility, durability and cost efficiency. Getting the permits for container homes take considerably less time and documentation. Moreover, building a container home costs only a fraction of the cost of a brick and mortar home. In addition to being much more practical and cost efficient, shipping container homes are also eco-friendly and environmentally conscious. The carbon footprint of a container home is very little since it is built using recycled and green material. If you want to reduce your negative impact on the environment, you should consider switching to a container home.

Building a shipping container home takes less time and offers more flexibility. For instance, you can use 20ft or 40ft containers or opt for high ceiling containers in accordance with your needs. Also, you can use only one container to build a cosy and stylish studio apartment that can be used as on site housing solution, granny cabin, in-laws suit, backyard office, she shed and more. If you need more space, you can opt for multi container home options.

Multi container homes are constructed using more than one containers. In other words, you can build two-store, gorgeous homes using containers. You can customize your impressive and stylish container home using polyethylene drywalls, chick vinyl flooring, solar panels, top quality insulation solutions and much more. In accordance with your needs, you can create unique and tasteful container homes.

If you want to build a container home in Tampa, the first thing you need to do is to get a PID number. Due to zoning regulations, you cannot place your shipping container home in Tampa just anywhere. You have to first get the PID (parcel identifier) number of your preferred lot. Then you should take this PID number to your city’s zoning department for confirmation and ask any restrictions, rules, regulations and covenants associated with this zone. If there are no obstacles, congratulations, you can build your container home Tampa as you wish!

You should also remember to inform the zoning department about your construction plans. If you need any help or guidance for this process, feel free to get in touch! We are more than happy to assist our customers during permission and architectural engineering processes.

If you are looking for shipping container Tampa or help with designing your dream shipping container home, contact us now!

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