Shipping Container Home Floor Plans

Are you looking for a unique, affordable, and durable housing option? If so, take a closer look at functional and stylish container homes now! Container homes gained significant popularity in the past years due to being original, durable, and very versatile. Container homes, as the name suggests, are created by reinforcing, modifying, and reusing shipping containers.

Since shipping containers are made of high-quality steel, they are very durable. Moreover, they withstand challenging environmental conditions, rain, snow, very high or very low temperatures. And the best part is their price!

shipping container 7

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purple Shipping Container Home

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Used shipping containers have very competitive prices. That is why many people that seek an alternative to traditional brick and mortar homes prefer shipping container homes.

Even after being used for transportation, shipping containers remain their structural integrity and sturdiness. As CMG, we fix small dentures and scratches on used containers, ensure that they are safe to live in before offering them to our customers. Moreover, we offer unique customizations and modifications like adding windows or doors, container electrical installation, container solar panel installation and more.

interior of a shipping container

another view of shipping container interior

kitchen table

a blue couch in a shipping container

Since shipping containers come in different sizes (20, 40’ and 45’), you can create a unique and functional living space that answers your every need: A spacious living room, a cosy study, a stylish bedroom, a big garage and so forth. If you want to create your dream container home, first you need to take a closer look at various container home floor plans. Since the options are virtually endless, drawing some inspiration and deciding what exactly you want is a great start.

create your dream container home

inside of a shipping container


First, you should decide whether you are going to use 20-foot shipping containers or 40-foot shipping containers. If you want an intimate and warm space, 20 foot might be the best choice for you. 20-foot shipping container home floor plans offer functional and unique options. You can choose one of the container home floor plans we offer on our website for your 20 foot container home or you can ask for a custom and unique design that corresponds with your needs.

If you want to have a spacious and sublime container home, you should consider 40-foot shipping container home floor plans. 40-foot shipping containers offer more space, that is why they can be a good fit for a big family, crowded office or a business place that has high traffic.

bird's eye view of shipping container

If you have further questions regarding shipping container floor plans, feel free to contact us!

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