Roll Up Doors

What makes shipping containers very useful and functional is their versatility: You can modify shipping containers in accordance with your needs. For instance, you can install a roll-up door. How? Keep reading to learn!

Made of high-quality materials such as steel, shipping containers are very durable. They can endure heavy use and harsh weather conditions. Hence, they are perfect long-term storage units.

Since containers are made for shipping, they already have a cargo door at one end so that it is possible to load and unload goods. These cargo doors are pretty functional and can answer your needs most of the time. Yet the best part about shipping containers is the fact that they are versatile. You can customize your shipping container and shipping container door to your liking and in accordance with your needs. Thus, there is a wide range of container door and container door lock options.

Shipping Container Door Options

Depending on your needs, you can choose from different shipping container door options like roll-up door, personnel door, residential door, sealed door, and more. In addition to different styles, there are different shipping container door dimensions as well.

The size and height of your shipping container along with your unique needs should guide your storage container door decisions. Bigger doors are better for bigger containers and higher traffic areas while smaller doors fit 20’ and similar size containers.

Shipping Container Door Dimensions

There are different shipping container door sizes available between 4ft wide to 10ft wide. Wider doors work better for higher traffic spaces and should be installed on the side of the containers.

The height of shipping container doors varies but most of them are 7ft high. If you have a high cube container, you can go with a higher door.

Roll-up Doors

Made of galvanized, grade E steel, shipping container roll-up doors are very functional and durable. They take so little space and can withstand heavy use along with extreme weather conditions.

If you need some extra space, you can opt for roll-up doors instead of cargo swing doors.

Coming with exterior side locks, roll-up doors can be enhanced with shipping container door weather seals as well so that you can protect your goods in the best way possible.

The width of roll-up doors varies so that you can choose the one that answers your needs better. The height of roll-up doors, on the other side, doesn’t vary that much. You can order 6’h doors for standard containers, 7’h doors for high cube containers.

Heavy Duty Roll-up Doors

Similar to roll-up doors, heavy-duty roll-up doors are made of galvanized, grade E steel and have exterior side lock, square tube frame and trim, weather stripping, and silicone polyester paint. Moreover, heavy-duty roll-up doors are watertight. Hence, they can protect your goods from weather conditions and water damage. In addition, heavy-duty roll-up doors are very, very durable and withstand heavy use for a very long time.

Heavy-duty roll-up doors come in different widths ranging between 4ft and 8ft. You can choose the right width while bearing your needs in mind.

There are 6’ and 7’ height options for heavy-duty roll-up doors. You can choose the 6’ option for standard containers and 7’ for high cube containers.

Shipping Container Door Assembly

Being one of the most popular shipping container modifications, shipping container doors offer extreme functionality. Moreover, shipping container door parts are easy to find and budget-friendly. You can simply buy a shipping container door kit that answers all your needs. These door kits include shipping container doors, shipping container door seals, shipping container door hinges, shipping container door latches, and other parts that you might need.

Container door options are plenty and container door delivery is very fast and simple. Yet we must state that container door assembly is another story: It requires many tools and expert knowledge. That is why we strongly advise against DIY container door installations.

If you are looking for shipping container door ideas or need to learn more about container door assembly, take a closer look at our portfolio. If you’d like to get a free quote or have questions to ask, feel free to get in touch with us!

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