New Shipping Containers For Sale in Tampa

Shipping containers are favorable for many purposes. They offer many advantages and wise solutions for various projects. You may be looking to build a house or an office; you may need a storage space to keep your goods safe inside or a means to transfer them. New shipping containers, also known as one-trip containers, are ideal for all these projects mentioned above.

  • If you’re looking to buy shipping containers in Tampa, you may be done with your search at this exact moment! Because as CMG Containers, we offer the topnotch new shipping containers for sale in Tampa.

    Our one-trip containers, as the name indicates, are manufactured in China and distributed directly to our several selling points in the United States. This means that they undergo only one transportation process before making their way to your project. Hence, the name “one-trip containers”.

There are numerous advantages of using one-trip containers for your projects. First and foremost, they’re cost-effective; they save you time and energy while simultaneously lowering your expenses. You won’t have to worry about building a new structure from scratch and the risk of getting overcharged while doing it if you decide to use shipping containers in your project. The second benefit of the one-trip containers is that they have incredible durability and are extremely resistant to harsh weather conditions. In addition to these, they are sustainable and customizable. You can transform and renovate one-trip containers according to your needs and liking.

We offer a wide selection of one-trip shipping containers for sale in Tampa as CMG Containers. Find some of these options that are available in sizes of 20’ and 40’ below:

  • Regular new shipping containers
  • Open-side shipping containers
  • HC shipping containers
  • Standart height Shipping containers with doors on both ends
  • HC shipping containers with doors on both ends

All of the CMG shipping containers for sale in Tampa, FL mentioned above are made from corten steel, which means that your mind can be at ease about the durability of your project. Moreover, your one-trip containers will come with a twenty-year structural warranty and a ten-year warranty for wind and watertight.

In addition to our new shipping containers in Tampa, we offer supplies and solutions for your remodeling projects, as well. You can renovate your container with sliding doors, drywall, windows, and flooring options we provide.

Our goal as CMG Containers is to ensure you are a hundred percent satisfied with your project. To be able to make this happen, we provide an entire set of services throughout your project. We offer consultation, sales rep help, modification, and delivery services so that you don’t get overwhelmed at any point until your project is finalized.

If you’re in search of solutions for your container conversion project, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would be more than happy to inform you about our products and services regarding new shipping containers in Tampa, Florida or used shipping containers in Tampa, Florida.

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