New Shipping Containers for Sale in New York

If you have never heard about converting a shipping container into a living space, believe it or not, a container can be your favorite place to hang out! A new shipping container can offer various solutions to your needs, including a tiny house that works as a personal space just for you.

It could get crazy sometimes to be able to have extra space for even your basic storage needs in New York. However, with CMG, you can find a variety of options for top-quality shipping containers for sale in New York. These containers can serve as a habitable space for any purpose you seek, ranging from a modest guest room to a minimalistic tiny house.

  • New, also known as one-trip, shipping containers offer plenty of application areas through which you can have an easy solution for your related needs. For instance, how about an extra office for your freelance work? Or an atelier to stay alone with your hobbies, away from the turmoil of city life?

    One-trip containers are perfect for New Yorkers’ fast and minimalistic lifestyle, gaining more popularity day by day and even becoming a necessity to a certain degree. They also give you an eco-friendly housing solution since their conversion is valued as a recycling process. They are highly durable to any possible damage as being made of strong metal and equipped with fire and water-proof attributes. Thanks to these features, one-trip shipping containers are easy to maintain as long as you realize a regular inspection routine to determine the spots that may require extra attention or repair.

    As CMG, we ensure high-quality one-trip shipping containers that will satisfy your needs. Besides our products, we also provide our expertise to help you realize your container conversion project in the best way possible. Since our top priority is to make %100 customer satisfaction actual, we do our best to be there for all our customers. We proudly carry our responsibility toward our customers because we acknowledge that we owe our leadership in the industry to our customer-oriented approach.

    If you are looking for new shipping containers for sale in New York or used shipping containers for sale in New York know that CMG is here to provide high-quality products in different sizes and types, amongst which you can find out the ideal one suitable for your project. If you want to have a shipping container in New York, contact us to find the best shipping container you need to realize your dream container conversion project.

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