New Shipping Containers For Sale in Miami

Shipping containers have rising popularity because of several advantages they offer to their users. Their durability, flexibility, versatility, easy-to-maintenance, and being fast- and easy-to-build make them excellent choices for those looking for solutions for their housing, office, and personal or commercial storage needs.

  • Are you looking for shipping containers for sale in Miami? If yes, we assure you that CMG is the company that offers high-quality shipping containers through which you will be able to realize your container conversion project in the best way possible. 

    As CMG Containers, we offer the best quality new containers for sale in Miami and thorough service from the beginning of purchasing process until the shipping container is located right where you want us to place it. 

New shipping containers are imported to the US from China, where they are manufactured through a one-way trip. These containers are directly delivered to several points of sale in the States, therefore, go through a one-way transportation process. Hence, they are also referred to as one-trip containers

As you buy shipping containers in Miami, an important key point you should keep in mind is that the container you will purchase must be compatible with your project. That means you should pick the suitable one amongst several container types. As CMG, we offer various new shipping container types in Miami so that you can choose the ideal one according to your project. These container types offered in CMG are as follows:

  • 20’& 40’ New shipping containers
  • 20’& 40’ HC New shipping containers
  • 20’ & 40’ Open side shipping containers
  • 20’ & 40’ Shipping containers with doors on both ends
  • 20’ & 40’ HC shipping containers with doors on both ends

We can help you choose the suitable container type for your container conversion project to turn our new containers for sale in Miami into tiny houses, offices, studios, pop-up shops, and so on. To realize any of these container projects, you can modify your container with limitless options, such as windows, doors, air conditioners, drywalls, flooring, electricity, etc. Moreover, you can also change the exterior by combining containers together to have a more spacious and detailed container conversion project.

CMG shipping containers for sale in Miami, FL, are made of corten steel which prolongs the duration of usage. Accordingly, we ensure you that you will be using your container for a very long time so that you and your loved ones can enjoy your container conversion forever.

As CMG Containers, we have an almost 20-year experience in the container industry. Our mission is to provide you with high-quality shipping containers, as well as a healthy consultation, sales rep help, and delivery services. We are determined to ensure 100% customer satisfaction as we assist you through every step of your project. Moreover, we provide 20 years for structural and 10 years for wind and watertight warranty for one-trip shipping containers in the US.

If you plan to buy new containers for sale in Miami or used shipping containers for sal in Miami, contact us for further information about our services and products. We would be more than happy to help you realize your dream container project!

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