New Shipping Containers for Sale in Los Angeles

Would you like to experience the safety, luxury, and flexibility that a shipping container might offer you? If your answer is positive, here is the good news for you: You can save time, energy, and of course, money with a shipping container project! The container conversion project is beneficial and preferable as they provide the flexibility to be customized for various solutions, such as tiny houses, garages, storage, pop-up shops, coffee houses, mobile restaurants, yoga studios, guest houses, and so on. In short, new shipping containers have budget-friendly prices for any of your future projects to be actualized through their versatility.

For these reasons, you should have a look at our new shipping containers in Los Angeles since CMG Containers makes sure their customers will access the top-quality containers.

  • Deciding to new shipping containers for sale, also known as one-trip containers, in CMG offers you certain advantages, such as:

    • Low costs,
    • Durability,
    • Easy transportation,
    • Compatibility with various surroundings,
    • Numerous customization options.

    We provide excellent expertise and service in delivering one-trip shipping containers in accordance with your needs. CMG is highly aware of the challenges and details of the delivery process. One-trip containers are incredibly resilient to any kind of environmental circumstances because they are manufactured to endure the extreme weather conditions of ocean shipping.

    Our business also provides customization services to make your container more habitable. Features like optional doors and windows can be easily modified. One-trip shipping containers can be transformed into perfect living spaces for the refreshing sunny weather of LA, California, and still preserve their resilience and durability thanks to their strong steel construction. Our open side containers or shipping containers with doors on both ends, for instance, are modified from one-trip containers. These options could be perfect for your projects, such as a spacious garden house where you can throw a barbeque party. Moreover, a one-trip container can be refurbished with a broad scale of options.

    CMG is a well-known company in the shipping container industry, and it has been almost 20 years since we started our journey in the container business. Over the years, our company has grown with a great experience in responding to our clients’ needs in the most efficient way.

    If you are searching for shipping containers for sale in Los Angeles, you can safely put your trust in CMG, which adopts the mission to import and deliver shipping containers with high-quality material. In addition to our good value product, we provide 10-year water and wind warranty for one-trip shipping containers.

    If you need any guidance regarding your container conversion project, know that as CMG, we would be glad to offer our expertise to you! Contact us to get more information about our products, services, and all the things we can help you with. 

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