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New Shipping Containers For Sale in Florida

New Shipping Containers For Sale in Florida

If you are in need of housing, storage, or transportation solutions and looking to buy shipping containers in Florida, you are on the right page. As CMG Containers, we offer both new and used shipping containers for sale in Florida.

Also referred to as one-trip containers, new shipping containers manufactured in China are imported directly to several locations in the US through a one-way trip. Hence they get the name “one-trip containers.” This characteristic provides lower transportation costs and enables us to

If you’re looking for durability, excellent condition, and longevity, one-trip containers are the right choice for you. One-trip containers are three times more durable than used containers if used for static on-site storage purposes.

Another aspect you may want to consider as you buy a shipping container in Florida is the nature of your project. For instance, one-trip containers are much more appropriate for shipping container conversion projects such as container offices, guest houses, or tiny houses. This is because one-trip containers are suitable for being turned into a living space, while the same may not always be the case for used containers. Moreover, one-trip containers are highly available in designs, including tunnel containers or containers opening on the sides, giving you the chance to be more creative with your container project.

one trip containers For Sale in Florida

Container houses and offices are very trendy because they’re affordable, environment friendly, and sustainable. They can be customized according to your needs by merging containers together and adding windows, air conditioners, or sliding doors. Containers are a very cost-effective option for conventional housing. Moreover, they can be easily renovated and are adjustable for solar and wind energy. They are as cozy as they are eco-friendly and much cheaper than brick-built houses.

Last but not least, one-trip shipping containers have more excellent resale value than used shipping containers that go through more transportation processes and carry all sorts of goods.

One-trip shipping containers we offer as CMG Containers are always top-quality. In addition to upper-level storage solution products, we offer refurbishment and customization services according to your project. We’ll be assisting you throughout your shipping container converting project, helping you until the very moment your container is placed in the exact location you want.

Having an experience of almost 20 years in the field of shipping containers, we aim to ensure 100% customer satisfaction and ease your project while relieving your budget. Our containers are made from corten steel, ensuring durability and longevity.

Moreover, we provide a ten-year warranty against wind and water for one-trip shipping containers.

If you’re looking for a container for sale in Florida or used shipping containers for sale in Florida, please feel free to contact us for further questions about shipping container conversion projects and our products and services.

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