Modular Hotel

Constructing a hotel is both an exciting and daunting task. You will be wanting a stylish, durable, and financially viable construction plan. In addition to these, you will need to obtain permits and wait for the construction to finish, which on general terms takes a long while.

This can be a rather exhausting process and you may be searching for a much easier and logically sound option. What if we told you that there was a very solid alternative to regular hotels that was both eco-friendly and creative? This is where modular hotels come in.

Modular hotels are a fast, easy, and budget-friendly solution for building hotels. They are very versatile, functional, and highly durable. Made of industry-grade premium quality steel, the shipping containers used for modular hotel construction will last for a lifetime. Modular hotels will endure the toughest weather conditions for long durations. You can also easily alter their looks depending on your requirements. The sizes can be changed depending on the spacing you need and there are an endless amount of modification options that are very handy for you and your guests during their stay.

Modular hotels have the advantage of also using other shipping container hotel necessities such as a garage, storage, cafeteria, prefab toilet, prefab shower, and even a swimming pool! Both prefabricated building and shipping container units can be built in just a few days. They are both structurally sound and durable options for your establishment. You can customize any of these units to your liking by adding doors, windows, vents, security lock boxes, solar power, AC, shower, toilet, kitchen, paint, and much more. This way your modular hotel construction cost will be minimized to the fullest allowing you to harvest the benefits of your new business early on.


For your modular hotel rooms, you can use different sizes of shipping containers such as the 20 ft and 40 ft ones. These shipping container hotel rooms come in two forms; namely new and used shipping containers. The new ones travel once-through water and are called one-trip containers. They are certified and come with a 5-year structural warranty. If you want to cut down costs further we can help you with that through our expertise and experience in used shipping containers. As CMG containers, we purchase used shipping containers that are in excellent condition only. We then fix these containers and cover-up scratches before testing them for durability. Afterward, we modify them according to your requirements, and voila; you have yourself a new shipping container hotel room!


Last but not least, the shipping container units in your modular hotel are fully portable. That means, they can travel to any part of the world regardless of the season and weather conditions. You can have a ski resort that functions during winter periods and have the entire establishment relocated to a beach to work during sunny seasons. Creative options in regards to transportation are endless with fully portable shipping containers. This way you can win both in terms of revenue and efficiency.


Feel free to get in touch with us if you want to learn more about modular hotels and get a free quote!

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