Modular Cafeteria

Looking for a quick, easy and budget friendly solution for your recreation area needs? Then take a closer look at modular dining halls! Versatile, functional and durable, modular dining halls offer endless possibilities.

A welcoming, functional and convenient recreational area is a must for many occasions and workplaces:

Offering a comfortable and inviting space to your staff at the worksite can affect the overall morale and motivation to a significant degree while increasing the productivity.

Providing your students with a spacious and functional cafeteria where they can eat, socialize and rest will lead to very positive changes in their academic records and mood.

Or making sure that your guests have a pleasant space where they can chill, drink a cup of hot coffee, eat tasty snacks and chat will guarantee that your guests will remember your hospitality.

Yet the cost of building a stylish, durable and practical dining hall, cafeteria or a recreational area is very high. In addition, getting the necessary permits and following up with construction takes a lot of time and effort. That is why many organizators, business owners and professionals opt for creating beautiful recreational spaces using budget friendly and environmentally conscious prefab buildings or shipping containers.

Both prefabricated buildings and shipping container cafeterias can be built in few days and are structurally sound and durable. Moreover, you can customize them as you please: You can add drywall, chic flooring, functional kitchens and toilets, electricity, solar panels, windows and much more.

Modular cafeterias are the perfect fit for construction sites, school campuses, commercial businesses, crowded events like festivals and concerts, public facilities, government organizations, military branches, worksite camps, hospitals and much more. From temporary buildings to permanent ones, you can create a wide range of recreational spaces using containers and prefab buildings.

In addition to being easy to build and affordable, modular cafeterias are very versatile! That is why you can change them in accordance with your needs. As your business or organization grows and changes, your modular dining hall changes too! You can opt for a new layout, alter the facilities, extend the walls to add more space or relocate your modular cafeteria in only few hours.

If you’d like to learn more about modular cafeterias or get a quote, feel free to get in touch!

A modular cafeteria plan is the construction plan necessary to obtain permits and start construction. It can be prepared by architects and engineers. You can then submit it to your local municipality as part of obtaining your permits for your modular cafeteria.

Yes! You can install any necessary facilities in our modular cafeterias. Our modular cafeterias function just like the regular ones and you can customize them to your liking. In addition to your regular requirements such as electrical installations, service areas, cooking stations, and fridges, you can also install solar power, locks, and many more modifications to our modular cafeteria.

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