Man Camp Housing

What You Need to Know About Temporary Accommodation Units

Best Option for Oil Field Housing

The growing number of workers employed in the oil fields in Austin and Odessa, Texas, goes hand in hand with the increasing demand for man camp housing units. With the high demand for oil-based products, the fields of oil subtraction are ample, especially in Texas.

It means several thousands of workers are immigrating to these areas, and all need temporary housing. The accommodation options for those workers, on the other hand, are scarce. These oil field housing barges are perfect for this situation. They are mostly preferred because their costs are lower than the concrete buildings. Also, they are the best option for employers since they are tiny but functional houses. The compact design of the man camp trailers makes them highly suitable for oil-field workers. 

Popular Among Hunters

Besides the oil field man camps, several man camp housing types are popular among the hunters of Texas State.  

We all know that Texans are known for their hunting skills. According to some sources, there are more than a million licensed hunters in the county. Their choice for accommodation is mostly man camp houses.

As hunting cabins, they serve as a shelter for the hunters in the wilderness of Texas. They are much more comfortable than tents as they provide more space for hunters to store their gears or the game of the hunt. You can furnish it according to your taste and make your dream hunting cabin come true. 

Types of Man Camp Houses

You can design your man camp house however you want. You can have a big dining room along with a small bedroom or a place designed as a dormitory furnished with bunk beds and a shared bathroom. You can talk about your architectural preferences while ordering one or choosing one that meets your priorities most. You can consider where you will place the house and what purposes you will use it to develop ideas. For example, if you think of having a man camp housing unit for an oil field, you should buy one according to the number of workers who will accommodate there. Similarly, if you want to have a man camp house as a hunting cabin, you should consider the size of the area. 

Why You Should Have Man Camp Housing Barges

Mobility at Your Hand

If asked both the owners of the oil fields and the hunters, they will probably tell you how the mobility of man camps works out for them.

For the oil field owners, when they are done with the land of a specific area, they can move the camps to another spot quickly and cost-efficiently as they are tiny and light. They don’t have to worry about the new construction costs or housing for their employees. 

When it comes to hunters, they are free-spirited people who navigate through their senses. If they think there aren’t any animals to chase down in an area, they need to leave and find another rich spot. Also, it is forbidden to dig out for building in a forest, but it is totally legal to put a portable cabin that is neither harmful to the soil nor the environment. 

So, if you are looking for a mobile housing idea, man camp housing is appropriate for your needs. 

Cheapest Option for You

As they are made of metal instead of brick and cement, man camp units are way cheaper than other housing solutions. Also, you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on maintaining them. The only thing you need is a trailer-like man camp housing unit which will cost much less than other housing options. Whether you need a housing solution, we ensure that it is the cheapest option besides a tent. 

Safe and Durable Housing

Man camp housing units are much more durable and safer than ordinary buildings. You don’t have to worry about an earthquake or a storm while you are inside. As they are made of metal, you are also safe from a fire. You can use it and re-use it as long as you have them. You can even legate it to your grandchildren with some small renovation activity. 

Environmentally Friendly

We all need to start thinking about more environmentally friendly living ways in the age of environmental disasters. Man camp houses don’t cause damage to the soil, and the environment as they are basically cabins situated in harmony with the environment. Also, they are re-usable. You can move them wherever you want without needing any more materials. It means less waste than building a new home! The material used for manufacturing them has a low impact on the environment as well. There is no need to cut down the forests for accommodation needs.

Find the Cheapest Offer

If you are looking for cheap mobile homes in Texas, you are at the right place. Whether you want a housing unit for hunting or used oil field housing for sale in Texas, you will find brand new man camps for sale and the used mobile homes in the Texas area. Don’t forget that used man camps for sale are much more affordable and cause less harm to nature. Choose the best option for you. 

Finally, now that you know more about the perks of having a man camp housing, we believe it is high time you consider buying them for your pocket and the environment. You can save a lot compared to building a concrete building. If you want to learn more about new or used manufactured homes in Texas, contact us. Reach out and ask whatever you want to know man camp housing offers. Our team will help you find the best man camp housing solution for you. 

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