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Our export facility is located 815 NW 57th Ct, Fort Lauderdale, Florida. We have 2500 sq ft warehouse to store and load your cargo. We have 5K Lb, 9K LB and 12K LB total 3 forklifts available, we do have agreements with different trucking companies and shipping lines, happy to help you with your export needs anywhere to the Caribbean and to South America. We keep shipper own containers in our export facility, this allows our clients to work onsite to buy, load and export the shipping container. This approach is unique for the industry helps our clients to save a lot of time and headache. We do have lots of building materials available in our warehouse therefore most clients does not need to shop around for building materials. Shipping containers usually cost much more in the Caribbean and South American countries. We strongly recommend to ship shipper own containers. 

All the containers will be inspected and certified and complied with the requirements of the “International Convention for the Safe Containers. We provide best services to export clients. We have partners nationwide to give you the best rate to buy and ship to any destination in the world, and we provide certified export shipping containers. As a company founded by ocean going cargo container ship captains, CMG has 50% export clients. We are highly specialized on export grade Cargo worthy shipping containers and provide official documents. Please ask any questions you have for your export needs.

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