Buy 40' Mobile Office Container

300 sqf Working Area 

Built from 40’ HC containers, modern shipping container offices offer a durable and budget-friendly solution to all your on-site office needs. From container modifications to shipping container offices for rent, everything you need to know about customized shipping containers is in this article.


FloorPlywood + High End Vinly Flooring
InsulationSIP Panels w/R-13 Polyurethane Insulation
Windows1 x (36” x 36”) Standart Window
DoorMan Door
PaintStandart RAL (green, blue, grey, black)
HVAC1 x 12,000 BTU Air Conditioner with Heat
Electrical Package12 x Double Socket (110V Outlets), 8 x 4′ Spot Lights, 1 x Pre-wired Data Boxes with CAT5, 1 x External Hook-Up, 100 AMP Inside Breaker Box, Breakers, 1 x Exterior Junction Box
AppliancesRefrigerator, Dishwasher, Microwave Oven, Cookstove


Container Type40ft Shipping Container


20 Years structural and 10 years wind and watertight warranty for 40ft new shipping containers and modifications


Lenght40′ (12.19m
Width8′ (2.44m)
Height8′ 6” (2.62m)
Lenght39′ 3” (11.96m)
Width7′ 8” (2.34m)
Height7′ 10” (2.38m)


Tare8,267 lbs (3,750 kg)

Shipping container offices or on-ground container offices are often associated with the modular construction industry and modular building suppliers but due to their cost efficiency, many businesses opt for using custom shipping containers to build modern and functional offices. Using 40 HC containers, it is possible to build impressive offices for both the on-site and off-site needs of your business.

Since shipping container offices can be built very rapidly and require little to no paperwork, they are perfect for on-site offices. You can simply purchase a 40’ shipping container for sale, customize it to your liking and welcome all your customers in an exquisite on-site office that is built in only a few days.

Moreover, you can opt for using a shipping container office building as a permanent solution as well. Due to virtually endless customization options and budget-friendly costs, many businesses switch to shipping container offices. It is possible to paint, get plumbing and electricity, and add doors and additional units like bathrooms to 40 HC containers. Thus, you can create an alluring and sturdy office space for your employees through shipping container office conversion.

What’s The Difference Between a Modular Office and Shipping Container Offices?

The difference between your standard, modular office trailer and your, “on the ground,” shipping container office has to do with the structure itself and the foundation. Most portable or modular offices are built onto a foundation that keeps your office above ground level. Oftentimes you’ll see small steps or ramps leading to their doors and entryways. In contrast, a shipping container office can be set right at ground level as long as the foundation is properly compacted and leveled. Additionally, a modular office is completely assembled in a warehouse or offsite factory and built out into modules with floors, walls, and roofs built from the foundation up.

A modern shipping container office has often lived its life, even if only for a short while as a standard shipping container. Only later will it be retrofitted with amenities such as windows, framed walls and insulation, desks, and even bathrooms. Shipping container offices with bathrooms offer flexible office solutions that include getting multiple units and stacking them on top of each other. Most shipping container offices come with distinct features, while also giving you the ability to customize as per your requirements. These office spaces include all necessary elements of conventional offices, which include plumbing and electrical systems. Advanced planning ensures maximum efficiency of space.

Owing to advanced insulation systems that come with container offices, they can withstand harsh weather conditions. Flexibility also comes in the way you can use existing space. For instance, you may change a conference room into a cafeteria for your employees with relative ease.

If you are on a particularly tight budget, you can look for used shipping containers for sale. It is possible to build a durable and chic office with both used 40 HC shipping containers and new 40’ HC shipping containers.

Pros and Cons

Advantages of a shipping container office building:

In a competitive business environment, to be successful, you should be very adaptive. It is also essential that you have an office that is ready to go where you go. That is where mobile offices are beneficial for especially for businesses that are in the restoration industry. They enable me to complete the job onsite and help in production, marketing, office administration, etc. Below are some of the benefits of mobile offices.

The design can be customized: One of the primary advantages of building offices using shipping containers is they can be customized to your needs. Shipping container manufacturers make these containers from graded steel which is durable hence there is no problem when you have to change the interior design. Container modifications can be done to enhance lighting, space for the desk, office furniture, meeting rooms, etc. which makes it an excellent area for your business.

Cost-effective: The startups and small businesses are much benefited by these shipping container mobile offices as they are very affordable. Shipping container office cost is only a fraction of a brick-and-mortar office. A backyard shipping container office might be what you are looking for, especially if you are working on a budget. You need to look for a 40′ shipping container for sale to start building your study and affordable office now!

The industrial container makes for convenient workspaces: Shipping container offices make great for space, which is convenient and comfortable. If you are starting out or a small business that cannot afford to rent traditional building space but want to have an office of your own, then shipping container offices are an option that is worth considering. Even if you have a home office but cannot focus on work due to lack of quiet at home and need space nearby where you can work and yet not be away from home then having a shipping container office makes sense. Apart from all this, they are inexpensive and affordable.

Container office conversion is Eco-friendly: Used shipping containers are littered as earlier these were used only for importing or exporting of goods. But of late, these are used for many purposes other than shipping. Reusing them and recreating them prolongs the life of the container and you are reducing the use of materials by modifying it and hence a green choice when you are opting for mobile office space. Modifying these containers is also done using recycled materials thus there is no need for mining.

The most important aspect of these shipping container office spaces is that they can be installed in the place of your desire. They come in many sizes and can be carried quickly and efficiently. Also, the container occupies less space. That is why many businesses are looking for containers for sale or 40′ shipping container offices for sale to build a budget-friendly and functional office from scratch.

Shipping container offices are great permanent and temporary office spaces: There are many alternatives to both shipping container and brick-and-mortar offices -such as trailer offices. Yet their structural integrity and value over time are incomparable to shipping containers.

Made of durable and high-quality materials, shipping container offices are very dependable. They can pass the test of time, are resistant to extreme weather conditions and heavy use. In other words, shipping container offices retain their structural integrity for years and have a very high resell value. That is why they are great for both permanent and temporary needs for office spaces. If you want to invest in a resilient and functional office space that will answer all your needs for a very long time, shipping container offices will make you very happy.

If you are looking for a temporary office space for your business, shipping container offices are again the best option due to their high resell value. When you no longer need your mobile office or on-site office, you can always sell your shipping container without losing any money.

Some of the possible drawbacks of container offices include:

Getting permits.

Since the concept of container offices is relatively new, getting the permits you require can be a challenge in some regions. Fortunately, when you work with a local company that provides container offices, you can rely on its knowledge to move forward.

Need reinforcements. Even though office containers are made using high-quality steel, making modifications may affect their structural integrity, which is why it’s important to work with someone who understands the industry and these structures. For example, cutting large holes to make way for doors and windows may reduce a container’s overall strength.  Further, if a container’s corner castings aren’t up to the mark, its roof can bow because of heavy snow.  Need-based reinforcements may come in the form of installing sloped roofs or strengthening load-bearing walls.

The office plans for shipping containers help to convert the box made of steel into a durable, long-lasting, and useful mobile office space, they are also made of steel which is graded for use in the office and provides the perfect finish that can last for many years. You can opt for single or multiple floors which will help you accommodate all your storage and office needs complete with bathrooms also built in them for greater convenience. So, these mobile container offices provide a lot of benefits that even traditional workspaces cannot offer.

You can add various modifications for your 40 ft shipping container offices including but not limited to AC units, restrooms, a kitchen, lighting, storage and display sections for your products, solar power, exterior/interior paint, lockboxes, windows, and doors.

Modifying your 40 ft shipping container offices by yourself is not advised as it can potentially damage the structural durability of your unit. We highly suggest that you get assistance from experienced professionals that have valid certification to ensure that you have the most durable and versatile modifications to your shipping container office.

Shipping container offices are generally classified as temporary structures, however, certain states may require certification for permanent residencies regardless of their size. For more information regarding permits for 40 ft shipping container offices, make sure to contact city services before beginning construction.

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