Buy 20' Mobile Office Container

150 sqft Working Area 

In today’s fast-paced business environment, issues regarding office spaces require modern and efficient solutions like mobile office containers. In this article, we explain everything you need to know about shipping container offices.


FloorPlywood + High-End Vinyl Flooring
InsulationSIP Panels w/R-13 Polyurethane Insulation
Windows1 x (36” x 36”) Standard Window
DoorMan Door
PaintStandard RAL (green, blue, gray, black)
HVAC1 x 9,000 BTU Air Conditioner with Heat
Electrical Package6 x Double Socket (110V Outlets), 4 x 4′ Spotlights, 1 x Pre-wired Data Boxes with CAT5, 1 x External Hook-Up, 100 AMP Inside Breaker Box, Breakers, 1 x Exterior Junction Box


Container Type20ft Shipping Container


20 Years structural and 10 years wind and watertight warranty for 20ft new shipping containers and modifications 


Lenght20′ (6.58 m)
Width8′ (2.44 m)
Height8′ 6” (2.62 m)
Lenght19′ (5.80 m)
Width7′ 8” (2.34 m)
Height7′ 10” (2.38 m)


Tare5,181 lbs (2,350 kg)

It is not a secret that the functionality and comfort of an office have a direct and significant impact on the employees. Imagine having to work at a crumpled, noisy office that is freezing in winter and boiling in summer. Would you be able to get any work done? Of course not! That is why many companies take issues related to office space very seriously. Providing their employees with welcoming, comfortable and accessible offices brings success to any business! Yet doing this on a budget is not an easy task. That is why most businesses look for shipping container offices for sale or building shipping container offices with bathrooms.

If you are looking for a 20’ shipping container for sale, look no further! With the expertise of decades, CMG offers the highest quality 20’ shipping container offices for sale. Taking up very little space, shipping container offices can be customized to answer all your needs. Insulation, HVAC, plumbing, electricity, man doors, built-in furniture, interior finishing and so much more is possible.

What is a Shipping Container Office?

Made possible through a series of container modifications, shipping container offices are functional, affordable, and versatile offices. Most businesses prefer buying 20’ HC containers and customizing them in accordance with their needs. It is possible to add bathrooms, break rooms, cubicles, meeting halls, and much more to 20 HC containers.

In addition to corporate businesses, freelancers look for containers for sale as well to build luxurious backyard shipping container offices. If you are working from home and want to separate your living space and working space, building an impressive shipping container office in your backyard is a perfect solution for you! You can improve your backyard office by a series of customizations like dividing the shipping container into rooms, building a cozy kitchenette, creating a waiting lounge, or adding a break room. You can add electrical wiring and plumbing to make your shipping container office fully functional. If you are on a tight budget, you can opt for other solutions like getting a water tank and an electrical generator.

Shipping Container Office Conversion

Creating a shipping container office is much easier than it sounds. All you need to do is determine your needs and decide on container size. Most businesses go for 20’ HC containers since they are affordable and very spacious.

After determining the size of the container, you can either look for a shipping container office for rent or a shipping container office for sale. If you are looking for a quick and low-cost solution, renting might be the best option for you. Yet you must bear in mind that renting will limit your ability to customize your office space. If you want to make an investment or create a tailor-made office space that will answer all your needs, you should opt for purchasing a new or used shipping container office for sale.

Custom Shipping Containers

You can customize your 20’ HC shipping container office to your liking. To create an impressive office, you can paint the interior, purchase wood framing for the ceiling and the floor. Also, you can add windows with steel security bars to let some natural light in without compromising durability and security. Offering virtually endless possibilities, 20 HC shipping containers can be upgraded. You can paint the exterior to impress your customers at the first sight, install a Lock Box for additional security, add overhead fluorescent lights inside to showcase your products in the best light, build a personnel door in addition to the main entry door, and do much more!

Modern Shipping Container Office

Suitable for both permanent and temporary applications, modern shipping container offices are easy to build, affordable, and very functional. You can customize mobile office trailers to the specifications you desire. If you have tight space but need more square feet, you can even stack customized shipping containers on top of each other to build a sturdy and functional office. From roll-up doors to power vents, modern shipping container offices can be improved to meet all your needs.

Benefits of Shipping Container Office Buildings

The most important benefit of a shipping container office building is its cost! It is possible to build a shipping container office for a fraction of the price of a brick-and-mortar office.

Moreover, building a professional-looking and functional shipping container office takes very little time. If you need a quick and durable solution, shipping container offices are one of the best options. After the building site is prepared carefully, building a shipping container office takes no more than 2 days! After the construction is complete, your shipping container office is as strong and durable as a castle. It can withstand extreme weather conditions and the test of time.


You can also customize and upgrade your shipping container office. It is possible to paint both interior and exterior, get plumbing and electricity, add a cozy kitchenette, include additional security measures like a Lock Box or Swing Arm, install heating units, and build windows, roll-up doors, impressive main entrance doors, and personnel doors.

Moreover, getting the necessary permits for a shipping container office is very easy! All you need to do is to fill out some forms and voila, you are ready to build the office of your dreams for a very affordable price.

Unlike other solutions such as used trailers, shipping container offices keep their structural integrity and value over time. Due to the strong and durable materials used in the construction of shipping containers, shipping container mobile offices can withstand extreme weather conditions and heavy use. Thus, they maintain their value even after many years.

Even if your need for a mobile office is temporary, investing in shipping container offices is the best option since you can always sell your shipping container office at a very good price after you are done with it. Thus, you can both solve your temporary office needs and get your money back when you no longer need a shipping container office.

Shipping Container Office Cost

In any case, shipping container offices cost so much less than their brick-and-mortar counterparts. Yet it is not possible to offer a fixed price since customizations along with additional units and features determine the cost of building a shipping container office.

You can add various modifications for your 20 ft shipping container offices including but not limited to AC units, restrooms, a kitchen, lighting, storage and display sections for your products, solar power, exterior/interior paint, lockboxes, windows, and doors.

Modifying your 20 ft shipping container offices by yourself is not advised as it can potentially damage the structural durability of your unit. We highly suggest that you get assistance from experienced professionals that have valid certification to ensure that you have the most durable and versatile modifications to your shipping container office.

Shipping container offices are generally classified as temporary structures, however, certain states may require certification for permanent residencies regardless of their size. For more information regarding permits for 20 ft shipping container offices, make sure to contact city services before beginning construction.

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