Shipping container modifications have been gaining significant popularity due to their versatile nature and competitive prices. Using shipping containers, you can design a custom space that answers all your needs: A modern trade fair booth for your organization, a functional on-site lodge for your team, a convenient and stylish in-law suite, a contemporary and cool coffee shop, an impressive restaurant and much more!

Without spending a fortune, you can create inviting and remarkable living spaces with shipping containers. In addition to being cost-efficient, shipping container living spaces are very functional: You can add gorgeous kitchens and practical bathrooms.

You can convert a small portion of your shipping container into a bathroom to have a comfortable and cozy shipping container home, or you can convert the entire interior into a functional, spacious bathroom.

If you want to enhance your shipping container home, you can add a fancy shower or a stylish bathtub to your shipping container bathrooms modification. Moreover, you can choose exclusive tiles, stylish flooring and such to add your unique touch to the design.

You can also add a secondary bathroom to your residential property with bathrooms made from a shipping container. If you have a big family or regularly organize crowded backyard parties, shipping container bathrooms can change your life! In accordance with your needs, you can opt for a 10ft, 40ft or HC container for your bathroom. After choosing a container size and a site for your shipping container bathroom, our expert team can install additions like ventilation, electrical, plumbing, storage and flooring in a very short time.

You can build handy mobile shipping container restrooms or showers as well. Shipping container restrooms and shipping container showers are often preferred for accommodating big organizations like festivals and concerts or recreational spaces like camping sites.

You can opt for using shipping container bathrooms in stadiums, big events, festivals, large concerts, fairs, campgrounds, trailer camps, construction sites, emergency response areas and much more.

If you are interested in adding a bathroom to your shipping container home or building a work site bathroom, feel free to get in touch. We offer unique container toilet solutions and shipping container bathroom designs.

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