40' Open Side Shipping Containers

20ft new open side shipping containers are here to offer a unique solution to a wide range of needs including transportation and storage. With a full side access, 20ft open side containers provide very practical solutions to various transportation problems.


Container Type40ft HC Shipping Container
StateOnly New


20 Years structural and 10 years wind and watertight warranty for 40ft new open side shipping containers and modifications


Lenght40′ (12.19 m)
Width8′ (2.44 m)
Height8′ 6” (2.62 m)
Lenght39′ 3” (11.96 m)
Width7′ 8” (2.34 m)
Height7′ 10” (2.38 m)


Tare10,100 lbs. (4581.7 kg)

40ft open side shipping containers offer unique and efficient solutions for the transportation and storage needs of your business.

Having useful and reliable side doors, 40ft open side containers are known for being easy to use. Moreover, they significantly speed up the loading and unloading process of larger cargo. If you are going to invest in 40ft shipping container with side doors for your storage needs, you will notice how easier it will be to retrieve goods from this container as well.

Side access shipping containers are made by modifying a regular shipping container. One of the sides is removed and bi-fold doors with locking bars are welded securely. This way, you can easily open up the whole side of the container when you need access. Due to providing full side access, shipping containers with side doors are also popular for housing needs as well. You can turn a 40ft shipping container with side doors into a comfortable on-site house, a classy and air-conditioned on-site office, a professional looking trade show booth, an alternative restaurant, a hip coffee shop and much more.

If you are looking for one trip 40ft shipping containers for sale, you can get a quote from us by filing out the form.

40ft open side shipping containers can open on the side and on the regular cargo door opening. The main opening is the wide steel panel which also allows easy unloading/loading of the shipping container. In addition, there are two additional openable doors on both ends of the container just like standard variations.

40ft open side shipping containers have different sizes for both their exterior and interior section. The exterior is 40′ foot in length, 8′ foot in width, and 8’6″ foot in height. The interior is 39′ foot in length, 7’8″ foot in width, and 7’10” foot in height.

40ft open side shipping containers are made of industrial-grade corrugated steel panels. Additionally, 19’ treated plywood flooring is used for the flooring in high cube variations on top of the corrugated steel ground panel.

In addition to a door on the backside, 40ft open side shipping containers also have additional cargo doors with individual openings on their wide side. The number of additional cargo doors can range depending on the type of the container, however, on general open side shipping containers have 4 or 8 cargo doors with 4 individual openings.

40ft open side shipping containers are high cube, meaning they have additional ceiling space.

Yes, you can modify your 40ft open side shipping containers in a wide variety of ways. For starters, you can add a kitchen section, restroom, electrical installations, AC unit, solar power, and even a shower.

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