As the name suggests, shipping containers were first invented for transporting products across the globe. They are now being used for countless purposes other than transportation. As one of the most common shipping container sizes, 20-foot shipping containers have many uses across several fields. If you are planning to have a 20-foot shipping container or to utilize the one that you already have, learning more about the uses of 20-foot shipping might be just what you need! Read the post to have all the information you need about uses for 20-foot shipping containers.

What Is the Size of a 20-Foot Shipping Container?

20-foot shipping containers, also known as “dry vans” or “ISO containers,” have standardized dimensions. They are usually measured using the imperial system. The measurements for a 20-foot shipping container are:

  • Exterior Dimensions: 20’ long x 8’ wide x 8’6” high
  • Interior Dimensions: 19’41 long x 7’9” wide x 7’10” high

They also have a cargo capacity of 1,172 cu ft. 

Uses for 20 Foot Shipping Containers

You may think of a shipping container as a huge Lego piece that you can turn into something that has completely new functionality. Longevity, easy maintenance, ability to withstand harsh weather conditions, versatility and customizability make these huge boxes great structures that offer the perfect solutions for your unique needs. Below, you can find some excellent examples of uses for 20-foot shipping containers:

  • Restaurant: Shipping container restaurants have been popping up around the globe, especially in major cities. Their flexible nature makes them a perfect choice for businesses, especially for restaurants.
  • Guard Shack: Using traditional methods to construct small buildings such as guard shacks can be costly, especially when a 20-foot shipping container has the perfect size for it.
  • Student Housing Facilities: Shipping containers can be modified into student housing facilities which will be an excellent solution to the lodging problems of students moving into different cities. These modular dorms keep the students safe and sound.
  • Stores: 20-foot shipping containers can be modified to have one glass side to showcase your merchandise. 20′ Open side shipping containers are perfect for such a project. They can both be used as permanent or temporary stores. Since they are easy to transport, they can be used as pop-up stores for various events, like festivals and concerts. 
  • Disaster Shelters: Among many uses for 20-foot shipping containers, one of the greatest ideas is using them as disaster shelters. They can be a quick solution, providing much-needed protection to the people who have been affected by a disaster. 
  • Office: Office spaces can be big problems for both companies and individuals. With their ability to be modified and adapted into any design, shipping containers can solve these problems. Whether stacked and transformed into a big office area or a single shipping container for a person who works from home, office containers will surely make a positive impact on your workforce.
  • Homes: Shipping containers have been rising in popularity due to many reasons. Using shipping containers for housing reduces environmental footprints because recycling them would consume many resources. So turning an already existing material into your dream home can be both environmentally friendly and cost-effective.
  • Playgrounds: Shipping containers can be used to build activity centers for children. Thanks to their sturdy nature, they will provide a safe environment for children.
  • Kindergarten: Uses for 20-foot shipping containers are many, one of them is building kindergartens. You can be sure that these container nurseries will ensure a safe and comfortable space for your children.
  • Portable Toilet: Portable toilets are total life savers for concerts and festivals. As you can imagine, shipping containers can be modified into several portable toilets, keeping the surrounding area clean and sanitary. 
  • Studios:  If you have a hobby or are an artisan, you definitely need a dedicated space for your projects and tools. Shipping containers offer the perfect solution since they can be modified into professional or home studios.
  • Emergency Rooms: Shipping containers can be used by health professionals as makeshift hospitals in health emergencies. This has been a popular choice by many countries, especially during their emergency preparedness plans.
  • Laboratory: Laboratories are spaces requiring specific conditions and must be cut off from outside elements. Shipping containers can be modified into laboratories that can be sterile and sanitary.
  • Schools: Shipping containers are a cost-effective way to build schools, especially in areas that don’t have access to schools already. Since constructing a school from the ground up can be costly, using 20-foot shipping containers is a great idea.

What Can You Do with a 20ft Container

What Can You Do with a 20ft Container?

Shipping containers’ incredible practicality goes beyond transportation. Their sturdy structure, versatility, low maintenance, and customizability allow them to be utilized in various ways that even go beyond imagination. 

As we have discussed throughout our blog post, 20-foot shipping containers are one of the most-preferred shipping container sizes and provide countless utilization ways to their users. Suppose you have already decided to have a 20-foot shipping container for your unique project. In that case, you may need help from professionals who can provide you with the best shipping containers suitable for your project and well-experienced assistance. In this case, know that CMG is here for you!

As one of the leading shipping container suppliers in the US, CMG carries the pride of 20 years of experience and success gained by prioritizing 100% customer satisfaction. It has been and always will be a joy for us to be a part of your shipping container conversion project. 

Reach us out to learn about our services and products, including new or used 20-foot shipping containers and customized shipping containers in which you can find the solution you are just looking for.

Do you need to know more about shipping containers before finalizing your decision? In that case, you can check the following blog post of ours to make a fully informed choice regarding your shipping container: 

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