Besides being used for transportation, shipping containers also function as storage areas and living spaces. But why do people buy these containers instead of building a real house? The most straightforward answer is that building a home is very troublesome in terms of both cost and process. Difficulties such as finding the necessary construction materials, working with a contractor, finding an architect for the design, and so on can be overwhelming. Moreover, you have to pay for every single detail to finally have a place to live in.

For container houses, on the other hand, you will spend less time, energy, and of course, money to have your tiny home in which you can have every essential found in a conventional house.

Recently, people have started using these containers as guest houses. If you have frequent visitors to your home and need an additional guest room on your property, modular guest houses are just for you!

What is a Modular Guest House?

Before discussing the advantages and disadvantages of modular guest houses in detail, we would like to give brief information about the subject matter. The word “modular house” has several different meanings. In some cases, we are talking about converted shipping containers, but in other cases, they are prefab guest houses built in a factory and shipped to the owner as a kit for assembly on site.

Shipping containers can be converted into houses that you can use according to your preference. Coming in 20′, 40′, and 45′ sizes, shipping containers can be your housing solution, such as a bedroom, living or study room, a big garage, and even a guest house.

To have your dream container home, first, you need to decide on the floor plan of your container home. For instance, you may prefer a 20-foot shipping container home floor plan if you want to create a warm space to be used as a guest house. A 40-foot shipping container home floor plan, on the other hand, would be a better choice for those looking for a larger place suitable for big families or crowded offices. You can contact us to get informed about shipping container floor plans.

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Modular Shipping Container Guest House

Question marks can always arise in the minds of those who will build a modular guest house because, after all, it is different from conventional housing. If you want to buy these houses but are not sure about their benefits and downsides, keep reading to learn the pros and cons of modular homes made from shipping containers, including guest houses:


  1. Affordable

Compared to a typical house, a modular guest house made from a shipping container are quite affordable. You will not have building costs as you already have the basic frame of your container house. You can buy a shipping container for reasonable prices, and you will already have a secure building structure. For the further modifications you will do with your container, you will be totally in control of your project and the money you will spend to realize it.

  1. Durable

Shipping containers are highly durable because of being produced to endure bad weather conditions. Therefore, shipping container homes can adapt to the most challenging environmental conditions. They are even resistant to earthquakes and hurricanes. With all this in mind, you can be sure that your container guest house will be quite sturdy.

  1. Easy and fast to build

You can have container homes without dealing with the construction matters. Your time will be yours, and you will not experience the stress of construction-related issues. Instead of dealing with such problems, you can enjoy your time with interior design. Although all types of modular housing save you from consuming your time, container guest houses are especially fast and easy to build because, most probably, a single shipping container will be enough to be converted into a guest house. Even you may come across already-constructed models available on the market and ready to be delivered within days.

shipping container guest house


  1. Building Permissions

Although they have rising popularity in today’s world, container houses are still a new type of settlement. That’s why not every city has regulations on this subject matter. Therefore, you need to check the rules of your area and get permission if required.

  1. Design Limitations

You may feel limited while designing your modular guest house. Whether they are built with containers or not, modular home options generally have rectangular designs. However, if you are willing to have one, you will learn how to find creative solutions within these limitations.

Up until now, we have mostly talked about shipping containers modified into guest houses as well as their pros and cons so that you can make up your mind about whether this type of project is suitable for you. There are also “container houses” that are purpose-built modular buildings, having different qualities than shipping container houses.

Compared to shipping containers, these prefab houses are less durable because they are not produced to be used for transportation. In this sense, if you are looking for a sturdy structure, you should reconsider having a shipping container to be modified for further use.

shipping container guest house

Suppose you decide on a shipping container to convert into a guest house instead of a prefab guest house. In that case, you have two options: You can either undertake a DIY project or hire a professional to realize your project for you. If you have time, knowledge, and skills, planning, designing, and building your own guest house would be joyful. However, most people prefer to work with professionals to complete and locate their modular shipping container guest house on their property. Once everything is done, there remain small but highly essential details to have an attractive modular guest house. The following tips may be helpful throughout the process:

  • Create an atmosphere to let your guests feel relaxed. Ensure there are enough soaps, toilet paper, clean towels, and shampoo in your bathroom. Use some relaxing items to have a peaceful space, like candles, pillows, and incense.
  • Do not use your guesthouse as a storage area. Stick to your original plan and keep your personal items in another place instead of stocking them in your guest house.
  • Do not overdecorate the place to avoid an overwhelming atmosphere. Use the area as functional as possible.
  • Use a soft color palette in your modular guest house to brighten up the space and add some persona to it.
  • Find some functional storage solutions without going too far so that you can prevent a chaotic look in your guest house. You may consider adding a few shelves on the walls.
  • Use mirrors to create a visual illusion that makes the room look larger than it actually is.

In light of these, we recommend you consider having a shipping container to turn it into a modular guest house. If you are willing to spare some time and energy to realize your modular guest house project, we ensure you that in the end, you will have a perfect place where you and your loved ones enjoy spending time together.

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