Shipping containers are the best way to ship freight across the globe. The invention of shipping containers started a significant move forward for the shipping sector. These steel boxes allowed the transportation of goods to reach heights never seen before.

Nowadays, there are many ways that we can use and facilitate shipping containers. From transporting goods to housing, shipping containers have affected our lives. There were some critical steps to be taken right after shipping containers were invented, and the most important was containerization.

So you might be wondering what containerization is. In today’s article, we will talk about containerization and how it revolutionized the shipping industry.

shipping containers

Why Do Shipping Containers Have Different Colors?

You may have noticed that the shipping containers have various colors. The colors of the containers are more than just aesthetically pleasing. These colors can help us identify container types and conditions and the shipping lines they belong to. 

Shipping containers from a particular shipping line will have that company’s brand colors. These colors are there solely for marketing and brand association purposes. Shipping containers need to comply with various safety regulations.

Another reason shipping containers have different colors is weather resistance and temperature regulation. Container paints provide a barrier between the steel structure and the external environment. This way, your container is protected from rust and other forms of corrosion. For instance, colors such as gray or white are better at reflecting sunlight.


With so many container types available, it is crucial to pick the right one to keep your goods safe. In fact, choosing the suitable shipping container is one of the most critical business decisions you’ll make since only the right container can save you money by keeping your cargo safe.

No matter the reason you are using shipping containers, there will definitely be one that fits your needs perfectly. Whether you require extra storage, transport goods, or set up a home or office, a shipping container is the perfect answer. So whatever your shipping container project is, we hope this post helped you pick the right type of shipping container for that. 

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