Shipping containers are currently highly trending around the world. This is thanks to the increased transportation requirements of our modern generation and the flexibility that comes attached with shipping container costs. However, they are not only useful for logistics purposes! You can use them in a variety of interesting ways to display your creativity and unique persona. We prepared 5 amazing and innovative ideas that you can create for shipping containers below. We’re sure you will be surprised by some of them!

Creative Architecture

In our modern era, architects are on an endless journey to find breathtaking designs for their projects. For this purpose, different materials and structure types have been utilized all across the world. Shipping containers are the perfect structure for this purpose. Their bohemian and industrial nature allows you to create astounding and contemporary building styles. You can design shipping containers in any way you want to create a very special look for your home, restaurant, or hotel. One of the best types of shipping containers for these purposes is high cube shipping container units. You can utilize 20 foot and 40 foot high cube shipping container units for this purpose.



A Perfect Swimming Pool

Talking about shipping container homes and hotels, swimming pools are another creative endeavor for utilizing them. If you have always dreamt of having your very own backyard swimming pool, using shipping containers will be a highly cost-efficient and quick solution. You can use 20 foot and 40 foot high cube shipping containers to create glamorous swimming pools. Some of the best benefits of using shipping containers for swimming pools include no requirement for digging and planning permission. You can also add additional waterproof underwater lighting and transparent side panel windows to display the beauty of your swimming pool. To create a swimming pool you can utilize 20 foot and 40 foot open top shipping containers or even order a custom-made one.



Stylistic Art Gallery

When it comes to style, there are few buildings that rival the harmonic beauty of art galleries and museums. If you are leaning towards underground projects with an industrialized touch, you can build a small or large stylistic art gallery by combining shipping containers. The walls of each container can be painted with graffiti artwork for an edgy or modern look, meanwhile, the lighting can be used to create a fascinating ambiance with black light.



Innovative Bar or Café

As shipping containers have been trending in recent years for construction purposes, their usage as a bar or café has also risen in popularity. You can create a one-of-a-kind innovative bar or café from shipping container units. Depending on the dimensions of your shipping container units, you can either opt for a small coffee stand or go big with an atmospheric restaurant. For instance, 40 foot shipping container dimensions are ideal for take-away shops. You can add order custom-sized shipping container units to create a rather quirky and enthusiastic building that will look spectacular for your guests. Additionally, you can add prefab restrooms and insulated containers units for your fine establishment. For small insulated units, you can use 20 foot versions.



Environmentally Friendly Bridge

Last but not least, think about the shape of the shipping container units. They kind of resemble legos which you can lay down side by side to create a very unique bridge. This is both an eco-friendly and innovative way to build a wonderful passage for guests located in tourist destinations. You can be certain that people are going to be taking photos in front of such an awe-inspiring contemporary building.

As you can see, shipping containers are ideal structures for amazing and innovative ideas when it comes to creative purposes! On top of all these creative projects, shipping containers costs make them ideal alternatives to regular buildings. For instance, utilizing 40 foot shipping container units instead of regular brick and mortar buildings will net you with potential savings up to 50% in certain situations. You can get more information regarding the cost, dimensions, and weight of 40 foot shipping container units on our website.


This is the end of our blog post for designing “5 Amazing and Innovative Ideas for Shipping Containers”! If you are interested in learning more about 40 and 20 foot high cube shipping containers in general you can check out our other blog posts and pages such as Designing and Living in Your Shipping Container Home, Shipping Container Offices, and Brief Guide to Creating Shipping Container Hotels”, ” 5 Types of Shipping Specialty Containers That You’ll Love”

We are sure you will find more useful information regarding shipping containers through our website. Until next time, be safe and be in a happy mood!

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